Education LMS WordPress Theme Documentation v0.0.3

Thank you for using our theme.


Install theme using WordPress admin

Installing Recommend Plugins

After installing the Education LMS theme, you'll see a notification in the top of the page that says the theme needs some plugins to function properly.

Education LMS theme requires follow plugins (all are free and available on and is working perfectly with these plugins.

To install these plugins:

Import Demo Data

For some people importing the sample data file can be helpful to see how the theme works as well as speed up the development of their own or their client’s website by simply replacing the content and images with their own.

Browser to Appearance > Import Demo Data then click on Import Demo Data button. The importing process might take few minutes so do not close or refresh the page.

Once complete you should see a successful import message.

2Theme Options

Global [PRO]

Header Presets [PRO]

Go to Customize → Theme Options → Header Presets

The header default layout in free version has header topbar, header main includes the logo on left and the navigation on right.

We provide 1 more header layout in Pro version.

and here is our demo HTML on Header Right widget

		      	<ul class="header-contact-wrapper">
		<div class="contact-box">
			<div class="box-icon ">
				<i class="fa fa-map-marker"></i>
			<div class="box-text ">
				<div class="contact-phone">1010 Moon ave</div>
				<div class="contact-text"> New York, NY 94043</div>
		<div class="contact-box">
			<div class="box-icon">
				<i class="fa fa-phone"></i>
			<div class="box-text">
				<div class="contact-phone">+1 650-253-0000</div>
				<div class="contact-text">Free Online Courses</div>
		<div class="contact-box">
			<div class="box-text">
				<a href="#" class="btn btn-secondary"><i class="fa fa-book"></i> Free Online Courses</a>

Header Topbar

Go to Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Header Topbar.

To add text to header topbar, you need to add your text/html or anything in Appearance → Widgets → Topbar Left & Right.

and here is our demo HTML on Topbar Left widget

<ul class="top_bar_info clearfix">
    <li><i class="fa fa-phone"></i> +1 123-456-7890</li>
    <li class="hidden-info"><i class="fa fa-map-marker"></i> 1010 Moon ave, New York, NY US</li>

Other options:

Social Media

The Education LMS have some predefined socials that display at bottom of site. Go to Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Social Media.

Single Course [PRO]

Single Post

These settings help you enable or disable the post meta on single post. Go to Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Single Post.

Title Bar

This is an area displays after the header and before main content. You can change the background image or color in Appearance → Customize → Header Image.

and you can change the padding top & bottom in Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Titlebar.

Primary Color

The primary color helps you change the current menu color, link hover color, button hover color and some element's border. Go to Customize → Colors

More color options in PRO version

Go to Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Footer to change your footer widget layout and copyright information.

Education LMS theme has 4 footer widget areas by default:

Typographys [PRO]

Go to Appearance → Customize → Typography to change the typography for these elements: